Just like other countries around the globe, the province of Ontario is now acting swiftly ahead of the rapidly building Omicron variant wave. BC will not be spared and must prepare now for what may soon be coming.  Meanwhile we heard at BC government’s recent COVID Update that our government is once again taking a… Continue reading POP BC Briefing #6: Addressing Omicron – No Time to Wait!

As countries around the globe are swiftly acting ahead of an anticipated Omicron variant wave, BC is also battling massive damage from floods and mudslides. Not only that, but BC’s hospital systems are strained to the limit, as Protect our Province BC discovered when we asked healthcare staff to tell us their stories.  Looking at… Continue reading POP BC Briefing #5: BC Can’t Afford Another Wave of COVID-19

How are BC’s hospital workers coping after 20 months of this pandemic? Protect our Province BC decided to find out by asking them directly. We asked healthcare workers these questions: How has COVID impacted you? How has it changed you? What do you want the public to know? What changes would you like to see… Continue reading POP BC Briefing #4: Stories from BC’s Hospital Front Lines – the Missing Voices

How can COVID-19 testing be used as a strategy to end the pandemic? What is the difference between rapid tests and PCR tests? How are rapid tests useful, and how are they used in other jurisdictions to allow people to congregate safely? And what is BC’s testing situation, and what can be done better so… Continue reading POP BC Briefing #3: Testing Strategies for Success

Schools fill an important role in our society. They are where our children spend a lot of their day for 10 months of the year, learning and socializing with their peers. Most BC children are back to in-person learning this year. However, the COVID-19 context is daunting this school year. Case counts are consistently high… Continue reading POP BC Briefing #2: COVID-19, Kids, and Schools in BC

Inspired by colleagues in Alberta, we are pleased to announce the launch of Protect Our Province BC (POP-BC).  POP-BC builds on work begun by Protect Our Province Alberta (POP-AB) with the aim to fill a gap left by the governments and Public Health officials: providing timely, trustworthy information on the pandemic. Led by a group… Continue reading POP BC Briefing #1: COVID is Airborne

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