PoP BC's mission is to provide evidence-based public health guidance in an effort to collectively reduce the spread of COVID-19. You can support our efforts and contribute to our mission by helping us get the word out. In BC, there is an ongoing attempt to dismiss the severity of COVID-19 and to pressure people to… Continue reading ACTION: Download or print a PoP BC poster on how to hold inclusive events in your community (translations available!)

Elected officials in Ontario and New Brunswick have put forth private members’ bills for legislation that would require improved indoor air quality in all workplaces and public spaces. Protect our Province BC has provided a draft letter that you can customize to send to your MLA demanding that they bring forward or support a similar bill here in BC.

The following is not legal advice. It is simply an example of a letter that may be used to ask for accommodations. The form is not a guarantee that the request will be granted. Please consult a lawyer or legal clinic for advice about your particular situation. Some clinics that may be able to assist… Continue reading A template asking your healthcare team for COVID-19 protections

Now is not the time to remove indoor masks protections in spaces where vulnerable British Columbians seek medical care. No one should come to the hospital for one condition and leave with a COVID-19 infection. Or, not leave the hospital, and die from Covid? A recent leak from the Victorian Health Department, Australia suggested a 10% or more mortality for patients who acquired COVID-19 in hospital between January and October 2022.