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URGENT ACTION: BC Can’t Afford Another COVID Wave

As countries around the globe are swiftly acting ahead of an anticipated Omicron variant wave, BC is also battling massive damage from floods and mudslides. Not only that, but BC’s hospital systems are strained to the limit, as Protect our Province BC discovered when we asked healthcare staff to tell us their stories

Looking at how BC fared with handling the Delta variant over the summer, combined with the growing concerns over the Omicron variant, it is obvious that BC needs to change their COVID-19 response to follow the established science to allow BC to function while also mitigating spread.  The government and public health need to enact immediate actions that will contain the virus and prevent further illness and suffering. These actions have proven to work in other countries and jurisdictions and are backed by solid science. 

Tune in to POP BC’s briefing, where we will examine scientists’ concerns regarding the Omicron variant, how BC has failed to respond in the past to evolving threats, and what BC can do to avoid another COVID wave, which we can’t afford given our over-stressed healthcare systems.

Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Time: 12 noon, PST

Guest Speaker:

Dr. David Fisman, Professor of Epidemiology, University of Toronto


Dr. David Forrest, Infectious Diseases and Critical Care Physician, Nanaimo


Dr. Amy Tan, Palliative Care & Family Physician, Researcher, Educator, Clinical Associate Professor, UBC Faculty of Medicine.

POP BC Briefing #4: Stories from BC’s Hospital Front Lines – The Missing Voices

How are BC’s hospital workers coping after 20 months of this pandemic? Protect our Province BC decided to find out by asking them directly.

Come hear their answers to these questions: How has COVID impacted you? How has it changed you? What do you want the public to know? What changes would you like to see in BC’s pandemic response?  

Watch and listen to interviews with health care workers who have been on the front line for the entire pandemic, and hear the heart-breaking stories from close to two hundred hospital workers in response to our anonymous survey. (Read all the responses here.)

Content warning: Please be aware that some of the content we will share is distressing to hear. The stories from BC’s hospital workers can be upsetting but we believe it is important for the public to know what BC’s frontline workers are experiencing during the pandemic. We will not be showing any graphic images or video content. We hope that, as a viewer, you will give yourself the space and time that you need to process.

Date: Friday, November 19, 2021

Time: 12 noon, PST


Dr. David Forrest, Infectious Diseases and Critical Care Physician

Dr. Jeffrey Eppler, Emergency Physician

Sarah (last name withheld by request), Registered Nurse, BScN


Dr. Brenda Hardie, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

Addendum: Interview with Dr. David Forrest

Past POP BC Briefings

POP BC Briefing #3: Testing Strategies for Success

How can COVID-19 testing be used as a strategy to end the pandemic? What is the difference between rapid tests and PCR tests? How are rapid tests useful, and how are they used in other jurisdictions to allow people to congregate safely? And what is BC’s testing situation, and what can be done better so BC can drive COVID-19 transmission down so we can participate in our daily lives safely, while also protecting the health care system?


Facilitator: Melody Ma, Community Rapid Testing advocate, UBC Medical Laboratory Science


  • Dr. Victor Leung, Infectious Disease physician and medical microbiologist specializing in infection prevention and control and antimicrobial stewardship
  • Dr. Paul Tupper, Professor, Department of Mathematics, SFU. Member of the BC COVID-19 Modelling Group
  • Dr. Lisa Barrett, MD, PhD Clinician Investigator and Infectious Disease specialist, Dalhousie University, Department of Medicine. Pioneer of rapid testing programs in the community in Nova Scotia

POP BC Briefing #2: COVID-19, Kids, and Schools

What does the science say about COVID-19, children, and schools? What measures can we use to make these congregate settings safer so that in-person learning can continue to happen without disruption from COVID-19? How can we ensure that school buildings are safe enough to be inclusive of all children, including ones from families that are more vulnerable to COVID-19 due to medical conditions?

Watch Protect our Province BC’s second briefing to hear more about this topic.

Correction: In the UK, the number of people with Long Covid is over 1 million. 53,000 children in the UK have Long Covid, as per Dr. Deepti Gurdasani, Clinical Epidemiologist, Queen Mary University of London. 

POP BC Briefing #1: The Spread of Airborne Pathogens

On October 20th we provided our first, one-hour, POP-BC event, focused on the latest scientific information regarding how COVID-19 spreads, and the implications of aerosol spread for health care and community settings, including hospitals, workplaces, and schools.

Our experts made the case that the mechanism of transmission – aerosols – must drive our individual and collective responses to the pandemic.