We would like to recognize the extensive work that has been undertaken by all school boards over the past year to optimize and improve ventilation and filtration in schools. As a result of these efforts, we are pleased to note that ventilation improvement measures have been reported in all schools in all school boards across… Continue reading ON Ministry of Education: School Ventilation

Abstract A pilot study was performed to investigate whether the application of a new mechanical ventilation system with a fine F8 (MERV14) filter could improve indoor air quality in a high school near the Amsterdam ring road. PM10, PM2.5, and black carbon (BC) concentrations were measured continuously inside an occupied intervention classroom and outside the… Continue reading Wiley Online: The impact of particle filtration on indoor air quality in a classroom near a highway

This article presents the measurements of indoor climate in classrooms in the same school in Denmark. The classrooms had different ventilation systems: Ventilation was achieved either by manually operable windows, or by automatically operable windows with and without an exhaust fan in operation, or by a balanced mechanical ventilation system. Indoor air temperature and carbon… Continue reading REHVA: Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Environment in Classrooms with Different Ventilation Systems

As the nation reopens after COVID-19 restrictions, people across the country are making decisions about going back to the office or putting their children back in classrooms. But how can you make the right call? We asked the experts how to improve indoor air quality, and what questions to ask your boss or school administrator.… Continue reading USA Today: Ventilation and air filtration play a key role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 indoors